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     In the Philippines, warehousing of merchandise sold in dozens or bulks or in a self storage in a discounted price is what most Filipino consumers prefer. Buying your grocery from a warehouse store could be a bit overwhelming. Imagine long rows of aisles stashed with different kinds of merchandise. How will you start your shopping journey?

The shopping list

    This is the key so you can avoid getting over the budget. It is like your own tracking system. In a sheet of paper, list first the important things down to the least important items. And better stick to it! No midnight snack extras.

Brace yourself

     It is not only your money you must bring with you but also a load of patience. Expect rush hours or peak hours where people seem to be in a mode of panic buying.

Bring along a friend

    Peak hours mean long waiting lines. You’re shopping duration will shorten if you have a friend or a companion that could save a spot for you in the line while you pick and choose your items. Before going to the warehouse store, please remind your friend that this is a voluntary work which comes from the heart.

Extra basket for non-dry goods 

     Besides pulling out a shopping cart, get an extra basket for the dairy products, meat, fish and other non-dry goods. You don’t want to mix the kitchen towels with the fishy smell of salmons, right?

Aisle skimming

     Start from the end aisle to the front aisle as you grab the items you need to avoid aimless browsing that can eat your precious time.

     So there you go. These are only the basics. You could improve some of these for your own convenience. Grocery shopping is really a tedious process which requires patience and mathematical skills to acquire big and reasonable discounts.



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